Coworker Novels

February 4, 2009

I have a coworker who is writing a science fiction novel, and he has finished his first or second round of edits and passed along his novel to readers.  I volunteered to be one of his readers, and I am ridiculously honored to be one.  I’ve never known anyone who wrote an actual novel before, so I look upon the draft sitting in my house with a great deal of awe.  I know he’s a tad concerned because I’m not a huge science fiction reader, but as I told him, I’ll read anything, so hopefully my input will help him. I truly a honored.


Belated “Adieu” to 2008

January 7, 2009

I am so far behind! Here we are a full week into 2009 and I still have books from 2008 about which to post. I’m ready to close out the year, though.

My initial goal for 2008 was to read 52 books, a goal I thought reasonable due to work and graduate school. I passed my goal of 52 and set a new goal for 100. Well, I came close but didn’t make it. I read a total of 94 books in 2008. Not too shabby!

I’m ready to turn my attention to 2009 and have already finished 2 books. I’ll probably write briefer posts about the remaining 2008 books but am excited about the good books I plan to read,

Hamlet as Rendered by Facebook

August 6, 2008

Thanks to Bibiolatry for posting about this.  McSweeney’s has written a piece about what it would look like if Hamlet were on Facebook:  Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition).    It is hysterical.  I don’t know how many of my readers are familiar with Facebook.  I have an account.  I confess to being somewhat mystified by it, the virtual beers, the super poking, etc.  But McSweeney’s has gotten it exactly right.  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Anne!

June 20, 2008

Anne of Green Gables was published this month 100 years ago, and today (June 20) is actually the very day that L.M. Montgomery held the newly-published book in her hand.  Kate has an excellent post on this momentous day.

Anne of Green Gables was and is an important book to me.  Anne truly is immortal, and I am glad that I can honor the publication of this classic.

Happy Birthday, Anne.  You haven’t aged a day.

First Quarter Results: 21 books

April 8, 2008

Ugh, WordPress changed the look of their admin settings, so now I feel like I’m starting over! 

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s April 🙂  That means I’ve completed the first quarter of 2008 and posting about the books I read this year.  I read 21 books between January and March.  That puts me over my goal of reading 1 book a week!  Best of all, my semester ends in 3 weeks, and I’ll have 6 glorious weeks of pleasure reading before summer school starts.  

A few things

January 25, 2008

I’m struggling with how to respond to comments to the blog.  Ideally, I’d love to comment on your comments using the comment feature, but I don’t think WordPress allows you to do that, so I’m having some sort of a metaconversation with myself about blogging and the “right” or “best” way to do that.  I really value the interaction and want to keep it going, but I also want to keep the focus on the books.

 So, I’ll post a response to a few comments here.  Let me know if you have any great wisdom on the best way to do this.  I even Googled it yesterday b/c I don’t want to commit a blogging faux pas.  Yes, because THAT’s the kind of stuff I worry about 🙂

Arti commented about a connection between Northanger Abbey and Atonement.  Thanks for mentioning it!  I had overlooked it, but yes, there is a connection.  The Epigraph of the book contains a quote from NA that is very, very relevant to Atonement because NA is making fun of Gothic horror fiction popular at the time, and its heroine begins to believe that she is caught up in a Gothic fiction.  You can read more about the NA connection and Atonement‘s other literary allusions here and here (don’t visit the latter link if you haven’t read it yet).    No, I haven’t seen the movie adaptation and I don’t know if I will.  I am fairly skeptical of adaptations, especially when I have just finished the book.  If it’s too recent, any differences will be too noticeable and annoy me, taking away any enjoyment of the movie (I feel the same way about historical adaptations.  Don’t get me started on Braveheart).  The exception to this is the Harry Potter movies.  I do see them but luckily, there is enough time between the book and the movie where I can enjoy the  movie for what it is without going “they left out that and that and that.  Sacrilege!”

Another Jane asked what I thought about Gillian Anderson in the Allister Cooke role on Masterpiece Theater.  I confess that I don’t have an opinion yet.  I missed the introduction to Persuasion, and I DVR’d Northanger Abbey, so I haven’t seen her yet!  However, I LOVE Gillian Anderson, so I’m hopeful that she is good.  

Kicking Off Bibliophilia

January 17, 2008

I’m a bibliophile.   (Hi, Bibliophylia)

I’m a book lover.  Book inhaler.  Voracious reader. 

I’ve made a resolution this year to keep up with the books I read so that I can keep an accurate count.  I thought about jotting my list on paper or creating a database or spreadsheet or something, but that’s so…old-fashioned and not mobile enough.  So I thought that starting a blog (I tried to do this last year but failed) would be a good way to accomplish my list-making.  

Just a few points:  First of all, I read a lot and will read (almost) anything.  Some books will be classics; some would be considered trashy.  I read widely and make no apologies for what I read.  Secondly, what I write about the books is my opinion.  I do not claim to be a book critic or learned scholar. I may tweak the format of the posts so that I link to a true description of the book since mine may be less comprehensive.  We shall see.  Finally, I work full time and am in graduate school, so there may be fewer posts at first and more around May-August and December-January.  I’m itching to read something fun, though, so hopefully I’ll have a lot to post!