Fearless Fourteen: Frothy Fun

Fearless Fourteen is Janet Evanovich’s latest novel in the Stephanie Plum series. For any readers unfamiliar with the Plum series, New Jersey-ite Stephanie Plum stumbled into being a bounty hunter for her cousin when she couldn’t find any other job.  Stephanie doesn’t like to use her gun, yet finds herself in all sorts of amazing, bizarre and often dangerous situations.  She works with a plus-size ex-prostitute and has her love life complicated by having a hot cop boyfriend (Joe) but being very attracted to Ranger, who is in a similar line of work.  Even better, EVERYONE is quite a character in Plum’s world.  The series is mystery-lite but usually entertaining.

In Fearless Fourteen, the 14th installment (each one is numbered.  What a concept!), Stephanie finds herself working with Ranger to protect a cougarish singer while also investigating the disappearance of one of her bounties and the dead bodies that keep popping up everywhere…especially in her boyfriend Joe’s basement.  Stephanie and Joe also play house while they babysit the missing woman’s son who may or may not be Joe’s son.  Wacky hijinks ensue.

After so many books, a series can get a little stale, and I felt that the last few books in the series were a bit stale.  I really enjoyed the first 8 or so books in the series.  Some were laugh-out-loud funny, but it felt like Evanovich was trying a bit too hard in the last few books.  She was back to form with Fearless Fourteen, though, and it was great.  The dialogue was snappy.  Stephanie’s grandma was at her wacky best.  The situations were off-beat.  It was vintage Plum.  The Stephanie Plum series isn’t going to win any literary medals, but there are far worse ways to spend a few hours.


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