Remember Me? Maybe

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella kicked off my vacation reading, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.  It’s about Lexi Smart, who the first chapter establishes as a someone who is not having a very good life.  Her career is going nowhere, and she just missed out on receiving a bonus by a few days.  She has appearance issues, including being slightly overweight and having horrid teeth.  Her boyfriend is a loser (literally called “Loser Dave”) who treats her like crap.  To top it all off, her father just died and she is facing his funeral the next day.

Next thing we know, Lexi wakes up in the hospital a few years later with amnesia and instead of her sad life, her new life is positively glamorous:  gorgeous face and body, great clothes, trappings of wealth and a gorgeous husband.  The problem is that she can’t remember any of it.  Even worse, her last memory is of the less-fab, doormat Lexi; somehow in the intervening years, Lexi has become a, well, bitch.  The rest of the book deals with Lexi’s attempt to reconcile the life she has with the life she remembers and figure out how she has changed so dramatically.

This was a pretty good book.  I liked it better than Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, which always ended well, but Becky frustrated me throughout (show some restraint and do some basic math!).  It was interesting how Kinsella ended the first chapter of Remember Me? with a bump on the head that ultimately was a red herring for the rest of the book.  Sure, sometimes Lexi seemed a little too obtuse and unable to understand how much she had changed in the last 4 years, but she was likeable.  There was a depth to this novel that some of Kinsella’s previous ones have lacked and some surprisingly poignant moments.  And some hysterical ones as well (two words:  Mont Blanc).  I really felt sorry for Lexi and how out of control she felt as she tried to put the pieces of a life she can’t remember back together. 

And it’s Brit Chick Lit!  How can you go wrong?

Also Recommended: 

  • the Shopaholic series (if you can get past Becky’s too-often financial idiocy)
  • the Little Lady Agency series (Browne):  more to come in subsequent posts

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