Kicking Off Bibliophilia

I’m a bibliophile.   (Hi, Bibliophylia)

I’m a book lover.  Book inhaler.  Voracious reader. 

I’ve made a resolution this year to keep up with the books I read so that I can keep an accurate count.  I thought about jotting my list on paper or creating a database or spreadsheet or something, but that’s so…old-fashioned and not mobile enough.  So I thought that starting a blog (I tried to do this last year but failed) would be a good way to accomplish my list-making.  

Just a few points:  First of all, I read a lot and will read (almost) anything.  Some books will be classics; some would be considered trashy.  I read widely and make no apologies for what I read.  Secondly, what I write about the books is my opinion.  I do not claim to be a book critic or learned scholar. I may tweak the format of the posts so that I link to a true description of the book since mine may be less comprehensive.  We shall see.  Finally, I work full time and am in graduate school, so there may be fewer posts at first and more around May-August and December-January.  I’m itching to read something fun, though, so hopefully I’ll have a lot to post!


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